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In-School Programs

Executive Functioning is the group of skills that drives our ability to learn by helping us to engage in the acquisition of information, gain the knowledge we need to perform and complete tasks, and retain the information that we use to obtain our goals.

Students in this classroom-based program learn about executive functioning skills within the context of having fun building with Lego. Students discover and explore their executive functioning levels and gain insight on how the development of these skills helps them to engage and complete preferred and non-preferred activities to accomplish their goals.

Task initiation, focus, time management, self-regulation and organization are just some of the executive functioning skills that students use in school every day to achieve academically and develop socially.

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plane wheel mechanic 1

Elementary and middle school students in this class are becoming familiar with the cognitive skills needed to help regulate their thinking, feeling and behavior.

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Students can learn how to use their time more efficiently by organizing their materials and breaking down larger assignments into smaller, more manageable tasks. This student learned how to best sequence the steps for building a Lego house, facilitating the development of stronger organizational and prioritizing skills.

Classroom Instruction: 1.5 hours

Fee: $200

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